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For a fraction of your marketing budget we can drive triple-digit-percentage revenue and profit growth. And we help get you the right clients.

The results since attending KPI speak for themselves! Gross revenue is up 156% from last year and net profit is up 636%!!!

Robert Hessel

President & CEO, Source 1 Solutions

While every business is different, successful companies still have some fairly predictable problems.

Success Breeds Competition

Even companies with great reputations and proven track records find themselves competing with “newbies” who aggressively undercut pricing. This forces established companies to compete on price – even though they know their services are worth more!

Pressure to Outperform Last Quarter

Most success-driven, alpha business leaders’ greatest competition is with themselves: constantly trying to out produce their previous quarter’s numbers. So they focus a great deal of time and effort on filling their pipelines with qualified leads for their sales team. Only to compound that pressure on the next quarter’s performance. It’s a never-ending cycle.

Burn Out

This one is usually a result of the first two problems. CEOs and business owners just get burned out. And at this stage of their business, it shouldn’t be this hard.

Key Person of Influence has placed my business on the right track. Opportunities grew 400%, our closing ratio increased 225%, we are on track to raise revenue by 277%. None of this would have been possible without KPI’s vision and

Alex Rodriguez

Founder, YMMY Marketing

These three common problems are caused by 5 main issues.

Lack of Clarity

If your company’s ideal prospect doesn’t understand precisely what you do and what makes you different than your competition, it’s game over before it even starts. When your company can’t create clarity in the market, your prospects think “I’m not sure what you do.”

Lack of Credibility

Even if your company has tremendous clarity, if your prospects don’t feel your company is the best business to deliver that service, the transaction will not happen. Your prospects think “I don’t feel you’re the most qualified.”

Inability to Scale

Many companies become successful because the founder has mastered his or her craft. This superior skill set prevents owners from delegating many day-to-day business activities because they think “nobody can do what I do as well as I can.” This keeps founders trapped into performing functional tasks without having any time left for the truly vital initiatives that grow a company. This inevitably shows through to your prospects who think “This company is too small to handle all the business I could give them.”


Successful business owners must have an established presence online, and in their community; but the most influential leaders also dominate the airwaves being revered as experts on TV and radio, and in print. When a business owner can’t be found in any or all of these platforms, the end result is your prospects think “I’ve never heard of you; you must not be very good.”


Many well-established companies, particularly those who became successful during the Information Age (1969 – 2010), still think that knowing more than everyone else is the key to success. But in the Collaboration Age, forging powerful partnerships with other people of influence will be the key to maintaining a competitive edge. Without it, your prospects look at your company and think “Nobody I trust knows you; therefore I don’t trust you.”

I joined Key Person of Influence USA in December 2014, before I was ready and long before I could technically afford it. And yet, it has been THE single best investment I have ever made for my business. I more than quadrupled my revenue in less than a year.

Karen Rowe

Chief Creative Officer, Front Rowe Seat

We Solve These Problems in 6 Months.

We’ve created a 5-step methodology that solves these problems by positioning our clients as a key person of influence in their industry. Our clients attract better opportunities and earn more money with less struggle. People line up to do business with influencers. We’ve cracked the code on what makes someone truly influential. That code consists of 5 things:


Influential leaders have a compelling answer to the question “What do you do?” When you can pitch your company’s unique qualities in a compelling, unforgettable way, the competition doesn’t stand a chance. Your prospects think “I understand what you do and want know more.”


Influential leaders are prolific. They can speak endlessly about industry insights and knowledge of their craft. They create blogs, articles, reports. The best even put their knowledge into a book and earn the respected title of “Published Author.” When this happens, your prospects automatically assume “They must be great at what they do, they wrote a book on the subject!”


The fastest growing companies are lead by people who have turned their skills, talent, and ideas into products that work in their absence, consistently, 24/7. For their growing team, products consist of detailed policies and procedures. For their target market, products can be digital and physical tools that build relationships with prospects long before the first conversation. The end result? Your prospects think “I feel like I already know you.”


Look at anyone at the top of their industry. They seem to be everywhere –  written about in the press and featured on TV and radio. They are quoted or interviewed by the news as credible experts. Regularly invited to all the best events, they make a difference in their community by contributing to much more than just the economy. They are change makers for the better. When this happens your prospects think “I’ve seen you everywhere; you must be an industry leader.”


High performers are in high demand. They are constantly approached by people of influence to work together. Combining circles of influence leads to larger opportunities and new high-visibility partnerships. When that happens, your prospects think “You are well connected. I want to be in your circle.”

Since completing the KPI program we are attracting 5+ prospective client consults weekly. Since 2013, we’ve experienced annual revenue increases ranging from 16% to 220%.

Sheryl S. Hunter

Attorney, Hunter Business Law - The Entrepreneur's Law Firm®

Going through the KPI Program is the single best decision I ever made. I’m now regularly paid to speak at global industry events. My life will never be the same.

Gabe Aluisy

Founder, Shake Creative

Download a FREE copy of "Key Person of Influence"

“Key Person of Influence” is an international best-selling book that gives an overview of how to become more visible, valuable and connected. More importantly, the book has inspired thousands of people to change the way they approach their career, their business and their personal brand.

The book covers the unique times we live in and how technology has created powerful opportunities to achieve more. It then delves into the Key Person of Influence Method which consists of the 5 Ps – Pitch, Publish, Products, Profile and Partnerships.  Finally, the book talks about breaking out of the functional behaviour that has gotten you this far and to begin focusing on the steps that will transform you into one of the more highly valued people in your industry.  The revised edition of the book was released in 2015 and includes over 10,000 words of updated content.

“It’s February 14th 2017.  We’ve already had $155,000 revenue this year.  Last year at the same time we had $25,000.”

Daniel Nyiri

Founder & Franchisor, 4U Fitness

Since completing the KPI program 3 years ago and authoring my first book, I have grown my personal brand, globally, as a recognized authority in Collaborative Divorce. I am now working on my 8th book and am enjoying multiple paid opportunities to travel and speak at industry and leadership conventions.

Joryn Jenkins

Attorney, Joryn Jenkins Law

Discover your score in less than 10 minutes…


“A 500% increase in my income as a direct result of these principles.”

Lazo Freeman, Personal Trainer

Key Person of Influence Scorecard

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Cory Bergeron

Cory Bergeron

Founder, Pitch Video

Cory Bergeron is president and founder of Pitch Video, a unique video production company designed specifically to create product sales videos for television and internet vendors. He has sold over 250 products on national television and has grossed over $100,000,000 in sales in just the past 5 years. He is best known to television audiences as HSN’s all-American dad, a family man and expert on household solutions, lawn and garden items and electronics. In addition to his extensive talent resume’, Cory has decades of experience in video production.

David Hancock

David Hancock

Founder of Morgan James Publishing

David is the Founder of Morgan James Publishing and Chairman of Guerrilla Marketing International, and has co-authored twelve books including Guerrilla Marketing for Writers, The Entrepreneurial Author and “Performance Driven Thinking”. Cited as one of the world’s most prestigious business leaders and is reported to be the future of publishing. David was selected for Fast Company Magazine’s Fast 50 for his leadership, creative thinking, accomplishments and his significant impact on the industry over the next ten years. David has revolutionized book publishing from the author’s standpoint. His Entrepreneurial Publishing model enriches authors as well as the company.

Ron Klein

Ron Klein


Ron Klein is an ordinary man who accomplishes extraordinary things. He is a PROBLEM SOLVER. Every solution has resulted in monumental change, either in a new invention or a simple solution. His innovative ideas have changed the world. He is the inventor of the Magnetic Strip on the Credit Card, Credit Card Validity Checking System and the developer of computerized systems for Real Estate (MLS) Multiple Listing Services, Voice Response for the Banking Industry and BOND Quotation and Trade Information for the New York Stock Exchange.

Bruce Serbin

Bruce Serbin

Serbin Media

Bruce Serbin is an award-winning publicist who specializes in creating national media campaigns for authors and entrepreneurs. In 2008, he founded Serbin Media, Inc., a national publicity firm that serves to raise the profile of business leaders who have become authors. Bruce has secured media coverage for his clients on top media around the world including NBC’s Today, ABC’s Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, CNBC, Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, the Associated Press, the BBC, Reuters, The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes magazine, Time magazine and many more.

Rhea Law

Rhea Law


As one of the most respected attorneys in Tampa for the past 30 years, Rhea has held top leadership positions with many Florida-based organizations including the Tampa Bay Partnership, Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties. She was appointed by Governor Bush to serve on the board of the Florida Council of 100, where she currently is the vice chair.

She was selected by her peers for the Florida Super Lawyers® list from 2006-2013, and she was listed as one of the Top 50 Female Lawyers in 2006, 2008, 2011 and 2012. She has also been selected by her peers for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America® since 2006, noted as a leading Zoning/Land Use lawyer by Chambers USA from 2004-2013 and selected for the Florida Legal Elite Hall of Fame from 2009-2014.  She has garnered an AV® Preeminent distinction, the highest available mark for professional excellence from Martindale-Hubbell’s Peer Review Ratings.

We hit it out of the park for these kinds of businesses:

  • Professional Services Companies not Product Driven Companies
  • Well Established companies that have been in business for 5 years or longer
  • Services that have become commoditized because there are so many other people offering similar services
  • Companies with a staff between 4 – 50 employees
  • Companies already producing at least $2 Million in revenue with ambitions to surpass $20M

When you become a Key Person of Influence, significant things happen:

  • You attract a lot of opportunities – the right sort.
  • Your name comes up in conversations – for all the right reasons.
  • You earn more money than most – and it isn’t a struggle.
  • You can make a project successful if you are involved – and people know it.

Let’s get started!  Our programs are limited to only 20 clients per enrollment and we only accept new clients 2 times each year.  To see if you qualify, apply today!